We are proud to share with you our handmade cosmetics. Our original formulas, based on natural ingredients, were lovingly developed to care for the skin of our nearest and dearest. Thanks to the power of natural oils, plant extracts and vitamins, skin becomes healthy, glowing, well-nourished and moisturized. Our cosmetics owe their power to nature. We take the best it has to offer and we want to return the favour, so none of our products has been tested on animals, and all ingredients are sourced without harm to the environment. As we all share the bounty of nature, we also feel obliged to share with you our handicraft, so we created the DOMOWY KOSMETYK brand. Our sole goal is skin wellbeing and health, so we accept no compromises when the safety of our homemade cosmetics is at stake. Each product has been meticulously tested by a renowned laboratory. Although our cosmetics are handmade, during their production we strictly adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetics. DOMOWY KOSMETYK products are registered at the EU Cosmetic Product Notification (CPNC) Visit our shop, where you will certainly discover something made just for you.