Lips are our most noticeable feature; they are also responsible for charming smiles and tender kisses. However, their skin structure is particularly at risk of changes caused by illnesses or weather, so they often crack and itch, disrupting our normal functioning. In the long run, the commercially available lipsticks do not solve the problem. They even can be harmful, though many of us unfortunately do not realize this.

So using fully ecological methods we have prepared a series of natural lip balms, which provide care, regeneration and strengthening. They are made of shea butter and cocoa butter with sweet almond oil and avocado oil. Addition of Polish fruit guarantees their unique aroma and pleasant taste. 

No matter which season of the year or how intense the skin changes are, lip balms are useful during the day and at bedtime. A treatment with this 100% natural cosmetic will quickly make the problem of cracking lips go away. Products in this category are destined for men and women of all ages. They contain no artificial substances or preservatives – they utilize the power of organic vitamins and fatty acids, protecting our beautiful smile in a healthy way.

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