The skin on hands and feet is exposed to many unfavourable factors, yet in our everyday care routine we forget about these areas, focusing on other, more less covered body parts instead. This is a mistake because our hands and feet need particularly effective protection as well as proper nourishment since they carry out so many functions.

For this reason we have developed natural cosmetics for hand and foot care. Their main task is effective and rapid regeneration of destroyed skin structure as well as providing it with a broad range of nutrients. A composition of oils, extracts and acids gently nourishes, restores and moisturizes the skin. The secret lies in appropriately selected organic vitamins, fatty acids and microelements, which are absent in mass-produced cosmetics.

Our ecological hand and foot care products are 100% based on substances of plant and mineral origin. We do not combine them with preservatives, enhancers or volume-pumping additives as the producers of big commercial brands do. Choosing a DOMOWY KOSMETYK product means using fully natural means to fight against skin discolorations, dryness, calluses, wounds or itching.

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