Ecological cosmetics are a fantastic response to men’s needs in terms of skin care. Our line of cosmetics for men includes shaving soap and beard and aftershave oil as well as body butters, face protection cream and hand cream – all made exclusively from organic substances coming from verified vegan sources.

Thanks to their formulas based on natural oils and macerated plants, the shaving soap and the beard and aftershave oil not only fulfil its function during shaving but also hydrate and soften male skin, soothe skin irritations and prevent inflammations.

Fully natural cosmetics guarantee healthy protection from harmful external factors. A line of green tea-based products, which includes hand cream, face cream and body butter, protects the skin against UV radiation and free radicals, slows aging processes and moisturizes the skin.

Our products are Polish cosmetics, free from harmful additives and artificial preservatives. They are fully safe for your skin. Their wide range of care effects makes them suitable for men of all ages and all skin types.

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