Our product line offers butters, balms and scrubs. In the age of constant hurry, unfavourable environmental conditions and too few care products based on natural ingredients, you can reach for these which are 100% organic.

Applying body balm after a bath? Using delicate skin-exfoliating scrub? We all deserve a little pleasure. Creating a home spa does not require much effort – just reach for effective, natural and healthy cosmetics.

In ecological conditions we compose our butters, balms and scrubs, using substances of plant and mineral origin. Shea butter, numerous oils and extracts have their unique, confirmed effects in specific areas of skin care – they exfoliate, oil, firm, soothe and nurture the skin.

Our body care cosmetics do not contain any harmful substances, artificial additives or preservatives. They are 100% ecological, vegetarian and safe, as well as effective for all genders, ages and skin types.

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