The skin on our faces is exposed to many harmful factors, such as intense operation of sun rays, lack of sufficient protection, changing weather conditions, smog, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke. In this situation effective skin care is a must. We present the effects of our work: natural cosmetics designed to protect sensitive face skin.

Day creams and night creams have been prepared in two versions: face creams 30+ (as then skin aging processes begin to intensify) and face creams 50+ (for mature skin, requiring particular support). Day creams offer perfect protection for the hours following application, while night creams allow the skin to rest and regenerate the visible marks of tiredness.

Our facial care products are effective due to natural butters, oils and extracts. We obtain these active ingredients only from ecological, vegan sources and we use no artificial preservatives or synthetic scent enhancers. When skilfully combined, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, lime blossom water, avocado oil and several other substances produce outstanding effects. Check it yourself!

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