I am an accountant, After 30 years of working with invoices and figures, I decided (on my family’s instigation) to share with you handmade natural cosmetics.

Strange, isn’t it?

For a long time I have been using nature’s bounty every day. I make my own preserves, cold meats, sourdough bread, cleaning products and, last but not least, cosmetics. Several years ago my husband and I were shocked by the number of artificial ingredients present even in simplest products. It is difficult to buy bread without additives, and cold cuts have a strange shine. Even sour cream is not additive-free – I still wonder what is the reason for adding locust bean gum to cream. Bottles that contained cleaning agents or cosmetics still smell of the products even after a thorough washing and airing; the product is gone, but its smell stays for years. Cosmetics moisturize the skin only for a short while. The list of examples is endless.

To avoid constant dissatisfaction with commercial products, I started making everything myself from natural ingredients because everyone deserves the best. After trying my products just once, my family did not want the commercial versions anymore as the difference between the latter and natural cosmetics is unbelievable.

So, persuaded by my family and with their help, I share with you my handicraft as nature is the source we all share and which we should use.

Ewa Rusin-Gazda